Friday, June 22, 2007

The Backyardigans

One of the reasons we bought our home was because it had a decent sized yard. We knew our kids could play and actually throw a ball, which may sound strange, but in Orange County, CA. some of the backyards are little more than a patio. Anyhow, our boys love to play in the backyard and I have some photos of them to prove it.

Whether it's exploring,

with a backpack,

or a stick,


or spraying,

playing in the sand,


Jumpin' around,

or just hangin' around,

it's great to be in the back yard.


Sara Warren said...

HOW FUN! I would love a backyard for our kids! One of these days, I hope. What fun pictures!

Trenda Poulter said...

I hear ya on a big backyard being a priority when buying a house, especially with kids. We just have a patio, and Cade gets so cooped up! Looks like we might just have to come visit you guys!

Lindsay said...

You DO have a decent backyard! I can't wait til we move into our house and have our own backyard for the kids to run! Of course, we'll have to plant some grass first! ;)