Friday, June 22, 2007

Spy Team

Boys love to play dress up just like girls do, but they do it a little bit differently. My boys love to imagine that they are spies working on a secret mission. Here they are using their "lasers" to break through the door. (The lasers are really ball point pens! See tools below.)

This is Levi's best spy pose.
He is going to cut someone with
his laser pen. Nice!

Here is Jonathan getting ready to
"kick someone with my leg".
Even nicer!

These are all of their spy tools. The glasses help them see secret stuff. The pens are lasers. The card and round disc are phones that help the spies know where to go(GPS I guess). The earphones help them to hear things in other rooms so they can spy. (Jonathan helped me out here with the tool purposes. I wasn't getting it right.)

Their latest mission is to capture Doctor Ock, who is an octopus with a man's face. He is trying to destroy the world. Good luck Spy Team!

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Lindsay said...

This is so hilarious!!! Your boys are way cute, Leslie!

Blake likes to dress up too. We have cowboy and policeman gear, along with Mr. Incredible, Buzz, Woody and Spiderman! Brooklyn has the whole array of princess gear!