Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chugga chugga choo choo

We are the lucky recipients of a train table given to us by some friends(the Nordlins) that did not use it anymore because their kids are getting big. When Wendy asked me if we would be interested in having it, I thought about Seth and how much he would love it. He likes to play with trains. He lines train cars up in a row. He puts the track together. He asks me to connect the cars together over and over again because they come apart. He is going to spend hours playing with this table and all of the stuff that came with it! The other boys are still at an age that they will enjoy it too. Jonathan and Levi were actually arguing with Seth over who got to use what trains. Seth won. Oh brother! Anyway, thanks a million to the Nordlins! When our kids get too big for it, we'll pass it on too!

Here is Seth looking very serious about his train. He gets really into it.

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Trenda Poulter said...

Wow, how lucky are you! Always nice getting free stuff, especially when it is useful stuff. . . PS: I enjoyed the stuff you said in relief society today, especially turning off the TV! It seems like that is when I get the most frustrated with my kids. . . when I am watching TV or Blogging! Ha! and they want my attention!