Monday, July 23, 2007

Good food=Great memories

Once or twice a month, my mom will take us out for Vietnamese food on her day off. Today we had com tam, which is barbecued pork with broken rice. I don't know why it tastes so good, but it does. The meat just has this awesome flavor. And it is only good in the restaurant. Not for take out. Somewhere in between the restaurant and home it gets weird, so we can only eat it at the restaurant. We also go out for Chinese noodle soup or Pho', which is a delicious Vietnamese noodle soup, and those are our three staples. And my mom knows all of the good spots down in Little Saigon in Westminster, CA. The photo was taken today at the com tam restaurant, located near the corner of Bolsa and Brookhurst for any of you locals. From left to right is Levi, Courtney, Jonathan, my grandma, Mom, Price, me, and Seth.

My mom's Pho' is actually the best you will ever taste, so we prefer her's over any restaurant.

My kids love Vietnamese food! We fed Price some rice for the first time today and he liked the texture. See below.

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Ang said...

Leslie, you still have such beautiful hair. As a matter of fact, you still look exactly the same as you did in 1991. Just as good lookin. How is that possible?? Give me your secret!