Saturday, July 14, 2007

My brown thumb

I really am a plant killer. I just forget to water them and it really just isn't a priority of mine to be on top of that kind of thing. Although I love a beautiful garden and really want to have one someday, my garden is full of weeds and looks a bit pathetic. But a couple of years ago my mom gave me some cuttings from her plumeria plant and we stuck one in our front planter and this is what bloomed this year. Aren't they gorgeous? They smell sweet like candy. I love the yellow centers and the pink blush edges. Lance has been watering them, thank heaven.

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Trenda Poulter said...

Wow Leslie, I can't believe you don't water your flowers. . . it's not like you have anything else to do! LOL! I'm actually the same way, that's why I have dried roses around my house. . . they are easy to take care of, although your flowers are much prettier!