Saturday, July 14, 2007

Oh my goodness!

I swear I say that like a million times a day, "Oh my goodness!", but it is always followed by, "He is so cute!" because I just think Price is so darn cute. He has such a sweet personality, so happy and agreeable. You gotta love that! I really love it when he sucks his thumb because he is so adorable. I have had lots of people tell me all kinds of things about thumbsuckers, but especially what good babies they are. They learn how to comfort themselves and they are so happy and content. But then there is the issue about getting the child to stop sucking his thumb when it is no longer socially acceptable and just down right yucky. One of my sisters sucked her thumb until she was 12(you know who you are!) and we definitely don't want that, but I guess we'll have to cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, we will enjoy our little baby boy who sleeps for 10 hours a night and smiles a lot. Here is a photo of him doing his thing!


Matthew said...

Yah, I'm started to get a little grossed out about certain things with Gavin sucking his thumb. For instance, I let the kids run for awhile at a play place in the Main Place Mall in Santa Ana yesterday. Gavin was crawling on the ground, climbing on things and then popping that thumb right in his mouth! EWWWWW!! I feel like I've gotta sanitize his thumb every three seconds!!!

Lindsay said...

That above comment was from me, Lindsay! I guess Matt had signed in last.