Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Levi!

Levi turned 5 years old on November 16th. He had been asking for weeks how long until his birthday was here and he was so excited that it finally arrived. We asked him how old he was and he said "5, but I'm still 4 and a half!" So we had to convince him that he was actually, really, truly 5! He wanted to have a Fantastic 4 and the Rise of the Silver Surfer party. The kid never asks for anything, so when he asked for this theme, of course, we had to do it. He invited some buddies from school and soccer. We just played in the back yard and the kids had so much fun. One game that we played was slide down the zipline and kick over the Fantastic 4 bopper(you know, the punching bag toy that pops back up after you punch it) The kids were supposed to be the super villains beating up the super heroes. We had dinner, cake and ice cream, and Levi got to open up lots of presents from his buddies. He had a blast. It was fun to focus on Levi, who doesn't get a lot of attention because he doesn't require it. He is a sweet kid and we love him lots. Thanks to Levi's buddies for all of your fun gifts and thanks to all the moms who helped at the party! Wouldn't have been fun without you!
There's the birthday boy!
Nathan Smith and his mom, Lisa.
Trent and Bailey.
Zacky getting ready to kick the Fantastic 4 bopper.
Seth and Mason on the trampoline.
Jonathan, Jackson, and Lisa, who was such a great helper with this game! Thanks!
Marci-he really loved it!


Carrie Anne said...

So fun! I loved seeing Lisa Smith! Levi and Rebecca are so old! Remember when they were born? So crazy!

Jenna said...

Zip lines are the best! We used to have one made out of PVC pipe growing up...we'd soar out of our homemade "rope" tree-house...needless to say, the PVC didn't last very long...but fun, anyway.

Diane said...

How fun! What a good mom you are! I can't believe Levi is 5 years old...didn't you just have Jonathan?? What a cute boy party! By the way...tell Lisa hi from me. You never know who you will see on someone's blog!