Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trick or Treat

Ahoy, Matey!
Jarrod Burges and Jonathan at the church "Trunk or Treat". Jonathan is a bodyboarder, not a surfer, don't ya know?

These are two muscley guys, Levi and Trent.

Price is dressed as a vampire and Lance is just dressed as himself!

I actually don't know why we Americans have kept this tradition of saying "trick or treat" because the kids don't even want a trick. They want a treat and that is it. But I guess it sounds kind of dumb to just walk up to someone's door and say "TREAT!" So I guess we will continue to say "trick or treat" and I make my kids say it, not just hold up their bags to the person standing at the door with the bowl of candy. And I always make them say thank you after they have gotten the candy. I totally coached them on the door approach and sometimes I had to prompt them, but they did get pretty good at it. Seth and Levi were done after only a few houses. Jonathan wanted to stay out longer, but we had plenty of candy.
On Halloween night, Levi wanted to be Pooh and Seth, an elephant, but Jonathan wanted to keep the same costume. Lance stayed home with Price to pass out candy and we went out with Grandma to a few houses on our street. We had a good time!

The best part of the night-going through the loot! Yum, lots of good stuff!


Weston & Jennie said...

I made the mistake of calling him a surfer. He must have already had several people make the mistake, because he looked at me rolled his eyes and sighed, I'm a bodyboarder NOT a surfer. I just had to laugh.

GRodenberg said...

I just showed mike your blog and all your kids! no way does lester have all these kids! you are so cute, young and a darling mom. we are so proud of you!