Thursday, January 10, 2008

Build a Bear Trip

On January 3rd we got to go to Build a Bear Workshop at Downtown Disney and stuff animals! It was so much fun! The boys got gift cards for Christmas and we made a morning of it. There's a total process to going to this place. It is really cute how they have it all laid out. First, you choose the animal, then you can put a sound effect inside, then you get t o stuff it. They actually let the boys step on the pedal that makes the stuffing machine work. Then before you sew up the little animal, they have you choose a little satin heart to put inside and you kiss it and give it lots of good things so that the animal will have a good heart! Then,you can give it a bath-a little blast of air to fluff it up and then you can choose accesories like clothes or shoes and do they have a lot to choose from. Seth wanted to wander off and touch everything and Price got a little impatient, but all in all, the boys behaved well. When you finally make your purchase, they give you a box that looks like a home for the animal to sleep in! Too cute.

You can spend a little money(as low as $10) or a lot, but either way, I highly recommend going. It is just adorable.


Trenda Poulter said...

We'll have to do that someday! Sounds like a lot of fun.

Jenna said...

I'm impressed that build-a-bear is also for boys...I didn't know that!!! Guess where we'll be going sometime soon.... (:

Adam and Stacy Thomas said...

How fun! I love that place. Its the cutest idea. Looks like they had fun!

Anonymous said...

leslie i have to email you somethin' email me I lost your email address. thanks, allison

Weston & Jennie said...

It looks like it was a hit! I have never been in one. Maybe we will have to try in sometime.

Kristin Gibbs-Beach said...

Hello Sanders!

I was going through my Christmas cards once again with my mom. She's visiting and helping me with the kids while Kevin is on a business trip. We found the address of your family's blog at the bottom of your holiday newsletter. Well, we just had to visit your site and have a peek at your family. What a beautiful family that God has blessed you two with, Leslie and Lance! I thoroughly enjoyed catching up and reading all about you and your beautiful boys! They are just darling!!!! My mom sends her love and was touched just as I when reading about your family. She said that you are such a beautiful person and she's so glad that Lance has you in his life. (My parents have always adored Lance. They both said he was their favorite of all my friends. My dad always said he was a man of great character and integrity. And my mother simply adored him.)

Leslie, I cannot wait until I finally get to meet you. You write so well and your beautiful spirit comes shining through the words that you write and the smile upon your face. Please give your family my love and tell Lance that I am so happy that God blessed him with such a wonderful wife and family. I do hope that he is feeling better since his surgery. I hear that is a very painful surgery.

I'll be back to visit your blog. Take care! I'll keep your family in my prayers.

Love and Sunshine,

Kristin Gibbs-Beach