Thursday, February 14, 2008

From last Thanksgiving Weekend

I am so far behind. I love this photo of Price and Great Grandma Sanders. She really is great. She is the kindest lady in the world. Because of her diabetes, she is losing her eyesight and she can't do all of the things that she used to be able to do. She hates to be limited like that. But she is a real trooper. And she absolutely loves babies and is so good with them and she feels like that is a way that she can still be involved and helpful if she holds and feeds the babies while we tend to the other children. We love you Great Grandma! Thanks for all of your love!
We try to get a photo of the boys with G & G Sanders every now and then. I love the different looks on the boys' faces. They are so funny!

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Dashley said...

Great Thanksgiving pictures ;) Happy Valentine's Day! :)