Monday, February 11, 2008

Levi & Slater-Broken Arm Buddies

Levi was playing at a friend's house when I recieved a call from the mom that Levi was crying really hard and was inconsolable. I just figured he'd get over it soon, but I still went over to pick him up. I must tell you that Levi is little, but he is tough as he gets a beating from brothers on both ends, and he can take the pain with very little complaining. So when he was still crying and babying his arm after I went to get him, I knew something was wrong. I took him to urgent care and they took an x-ray, but sent us home saying that it wasn't broken. That was on a Friday. The following Tuesday I got a call from the PA who had sent us home. She said that the radiology report came back and the radiologist had seen a fracture in the elbow. I knew it was broken and that Levi wasn't crying for nothing! But he had to go the whole weekend without protection on his elbow and I know that it got bumped a few times. Poor Guy! He was a real trooper. He has to wear a cast for 5 weeks, then all better. Oh, by the way, he told us that he was rolling on a big ball and fell off. He must have landed wrong on his elbow, but I honestly don't know how that could fracture a bone.

So how Slater comes into the story follows. When Aunt Brock & Cameron came for a visit, Grandma Sanders came to pick them up to take them back to Brawley. Well Cousin Slater came along too, and when he walked in the front door, I had to laugh because he had a cast on the same arm as Levi! Apparently he had a great fall from his family tree fort and broke his wrist. Slater is a tough kid too. He has 4 brothers and 1 sister.
I guess this will be the first of many broken bones in a family full of boys. Levi hardly complained at all and has made it a not so bad experience. He just wants to borrow a chopstick every now and then to scratch an itch on his arm inside the cast.

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km said...

Ty had a cast on his wrist this November. It's crazy seeing these "invincible" little ones hurt. Ty broke his right wrist...and he's right handed so it was difficult for eating, but other than complaints.