Sunday, May 18, 2008

Visiting the cousins

My kids love their cousins so much. Most of them live in El Centro, CA, about 3 hours from here and we got to go down for a visit on Mother's day weekend. We went swimming at Jimmy and Stephanie's home on Saturday and BBQ'd that evening. On Mother's Day we had dinner at Daryl and Heather's after church and the kids just ran around their big yard and played and played and played. They had the best time just being together. Actually, I did see a not so nice episode between Jonathan and Dallin, but Jonathan recovered from being bullied just fine. So it's not all love and hugs all of the time, but if they could choose anyone to hang around, it would be the cousins. On the way home the kids were asking if we could move closer to the cousins. Then again, they were asking last night after we spent a day on the boat at the lake, if we could move closer to the lake. I guess they just want to live near the fun. Well, we had a great time with our family and look forward to visiting again!

Levi in the floatie.

Sethie getting a piggy back ride.

Jim, Jonathan, and Laci.

Slater, drying off.

Jonathan's way of playing Marco Polo-cheating.

Isaac going for a little ride.

Conner, Andra, and Bella babysitting for Jackson and Price.

I loved this scene of everyone hanging out and talking after dinner.

The rest of the gang on the other side of the walk.

Slater, Isaac, and Levi playing boy games.

Jessica lovin' on Price.

Price and Jackson are kindred spirits.

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carly said...

so fun to see pictures of you guys in el centro with all the family! we're coming down to san diego in august, we'd love to see you guys!
carly allred