Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lake Mohave 2

We went back to Lake Mohave to camp and boat. The weather was hot, probably 105 degrees F, but it was perfect for being on the lake. The water was nice and clean and cool. We arrived early on a Thursday morning and left on Saturday afternoon. Since we were camping in the heat, it was just about all the kids and I could do, but Lance would have stayed longer if we weren't all having a physical and mental meltdown. We drove down a 5-6 mile dirt road to get to our campsite at Telephone Cove on the Nevada side. It was a very bumpy, narrow, winding road and I would never have chosen to drive a car trailing a boat down this thing, but Lance wanted to do it so I just closed my eyes and prayed a lot during the ride and gave thanks when we were safely out. We found the last shade tree along the lakeshore and set up camp. We were up and running in no time. We got in the boat and cruised around so we could get phone reception to call the Terry's and hook up with them. Jamie got to come out with her big boys on Thursday and Friday and Josh only came out with us on Thursday after work. We wished they could have been with us the whole time, but they had stuff going on. It was sure fun to hang out with them. Our boys love to play together and have fun just being on the boat.
This is how I found the boys sleeping on Saturday morning. I thought it was so cute how Seth had moved from the bed I made for him and was snuggled up next to Price. I was glad they got some sleep. Thursday night I hardly got any sleep because of the campers across the way who were up late talking and I was on the hard ground in the tent helping the boys get to sleep and it actually got cold in the middle of the night and there was a dumb cricket right outside the tent next to my ear. Ugh. Friday night was much better for me.
Eating Lance's famous egg burritos. Lance is a great camper. He brings everything you could ever need and so we are very comfortable. He is a great cook too. We had a good meal breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The best was the ribeye steaks we had for dinner on Thurs. Better than Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.
Me and the boys by the fire. I hardly get into the photos because I am normally taking them, so I had Lance take this shot of me and the boys. We never took the time to get a whole family shot which I totally regret. We need to do that more often.
Our campsite by the shade tree. It was the best spot! On Thursday anyway. While we were out on the boat on Friday, having a great time, our campsite was surrounded and invaded by true partier campers. By Friday night we were sandwiched in between this huge group of very nice, but very loud people. They were drinkers and were swearing and smoking pot, but what were we to do? Jonathan said he wanted to leave first thing in the morning because he didn't want to camp by these people anymore. I was curious what his reasoning was and so I asked him why. I thought maybe he was as offended by the alcohol and their language as I was. But all he said was, "Because they're loud." I chuckled.
The boys found a hill to climb up.

Jonathan and Treyton.

Lance is always pressuring me to try skiing or the wakeboard, so I gave in to the nagging. I actually got up on the wakeboard though. I did it a few times and ended each victory with a wipeout. I was so sore for the next three days. I am thinking that when we go to Lake Powell next month, I might be able to stay up. I just need to mentally analyze what I need to do.
On Friday evening we went for a long boat ride up to the northern part of the lake to take a look. We ended up bathing in the middle of the lake because there was no one around and it was getting late. We headed back to the campsite and when we were a few miles away, Lance got on his ski and rode all the way back. The water was so nice and smooth for him so except for a few ripples, it was an awesome ride.
I love camping and I love the idea of being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful creations of the earth, but when we had packed up our campsite and drove away, I realized how much I love air conditioning too!


Travis & Shunae said...

Looks like fun. Hope you guys are having fun boating this summer. We are going boating on friday! We will be thinking of you.

ward family said...

Looks like lots of fun! Water, sun, rocks and sand are perfect for boys!

heather said...

as I sit in my that looks so fun. but of course I say that as I sit in my air conditioned home and comfy chair. ha. I understand