Sunday, July 6, 2008

Levi graduated from preschool!

Levi was a peer buddy in his preschool class again this school year. His teachers were a little worried about him because in the fall, he just didn't seem to be getting stuff. He had the same cirruculum last school year and they figured this year would have been a total breeze for him. But he was a little slow catching on. I knew exactly what would happed. I figured in the spring it would all come together and he would be totally ready for kindergarten and I was right. Actually, it was about February when he just really started to understand all of his letters and was doing math and understanding age appropriate conecepts. Anyway, he had a good year and he is so excited to be going to kindergarten in the fall. His teachers were Miss Kellie, Miss Margie, Miss
Betsy, Miss Jan, and Miss Teresa. They were all so wonderful and they loved Levi because he is such a sweet kid.
Miss Kellie giving Levi all of his graduation stuff-certifcate, memory book, goodie bag.
Zacky, Levi, Marci, Jackson Brooklyn.

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