Friday, July 25, 2008


Seth just told me that he had to go pee and he took off his diaper and went on the pot! I'm getting pretty excited! If you have ever potty trained a kid, you will understand. If you have not yet had the pleasure, you will think I am nutty for being excited about something so lame, but one day you will understand. I really hate potty training!


ward family said...

How exciting for you! I feel the same way about potty training. Isaac turned 3 in April and we're still working on it. He is really stubborn and just doesn't want to wear underwear. I usually try for a day, then give up and go back to diapers. I need to hit it hard...we're actually attempting it today. Hopefully it goes well for us both!!

Holly said...

Leslie - I cannot even believe I just found your blog! I don't think I've seen or talked to you since junior high!

Anyway, long story, very random - I found it on Google, clicked on it and about fell off my chair when I realized who it was from a picture!

I hope you are doing well - perhaps we'll have to chat about our ALL boy families!

BTW - you look fabulous!

Holly (Addington) Anderson

Jessica said...

That is exciting. Potty training is the worst. Good luck. Hopefully he keeps it up.

Holly said...

E-mail me! The address until later this week is So I'm not afraid to put it on here since it's changing. :-) It'll be a Verizon address after this week.