Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Festivities

We had a great Halloween this year. We made Halloween cookies with Aunt Chrissy, went to a Halloween party or two, carved pumpkins, and went trick or treating. We all had a great time doing fun fall things. Here are some photos of the festivities!

Aunt Chrissy and Sethy-he frosted his cookie and gobbled it right up!

Levi's lips turned black from the black sugar crystals on his cookie.

Price was trying to decide which cookie to frost. Should I do the pumpkin or the ghost? Decisions, decisions.....

The finished products. They are so delicious! I will put the recipe on my food blog!

Elders Quorum Halloween party at the Dugan's home. Tons of fun, good food(carne asada), and lots of treats!

BJ built the wooden stand and Michelle placed the jars filled with all kinds of candies for the kids to scoop into their treat bags. It was so cool!

Michelle and Price sucking their thumbs.

BJ holding Price with his broken arm. My boys love BJ!

When we drove up to the house, Seth said in a spooky voice, "Ghos castle!" He can't say ghost yet, but he's talking so much and we actually understand him! Yah, Seth!

Carving Pumkins-

Jonathan made a scary face.

Levi wanted to carve his all by himself and he did a great job. He got his pumpkin at Tanaka Farms during a Kindergarten field trip. He also brought home some veggies and we made Autumn Soup. Yum, yum.

Seth wanted a happy Jack-o-lantern. He loved it!


Halloween Night-We stopped by a few neighbors and had fun watching their reactions to the boys' costumes. Our neighbor, Elizabeth, is so hysterical when she sees our boys at the door. She just comes out and starts cracking up because she thinks we are absolutely nutty! Then we went to see BaNgoai and Grandpa Ira.

The Mummy and the mad scientist.

Pooh Bear! That's what Seth would say when you asked him what he was going to be for Halloween.
The Mummy again.

Super Baby! My friend, Martyn, made this costume for her son years ago and now 3 of my sons have worn it. It is the cutest!
The boys also got to go to a Halloween carnival with Grandma and Grandpa Sanders and their cousins at McCabe School when we were visiting Brawley last weekend. They had fun there too!
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween too!


Chris said...

Ah, Halloween at the Dugan's. Definitely among the top ten things I miss about Fullerton! Your boys are georgous. I get all weepy when I think about the days of Leslie delivering the announcements in Relief Society with the little recipes and birth dates, Julie laughing and Sis. Blummer running about directing things. Good times. You never know what you've got till it's gone. I'm glad you guys are doing so well, we think of you often and really miss those days. Say hi to Lance for us. Anna

Beth Jerome said...

Your boys are beautiful! Thank you for sharing the sweet pics! (and recipes)

Jenna said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun!