Monday, November 24, 2008

Soccer Boys

Jonathan and Levi played soccer for the Fullerton Rangers again this year. It was a good year. The boys had fun with their teams. Jonathan's team was the American Eagles coached by Mike Burgess. Jarrod Burgess, Kevin Chang, and Axel were a couple of his teammates that also go to his school. He met some new boys and had fun making friends and being a team. Jonathan tends to fall into the defender position and was a great asset to his team. If I would have had the boys work on one skill, I would have tried to help them with follow through. They were really good at kicking the ball, but then they would watch it go instead of dribbling it and trying to control where it actually went. I'll save any further critiquing for when I am the coach-I am hoping to coach each of the boys' teams at least once!

Dribble it!
Look at that concentration!

Levi was on the team called the Green Monkeys! This age is so cute because you just don't expect as much from the little ones as you do from the older players. Levi was caught a few times talking to his teammates instead of watching the ball. But he was so cute out there on the field and he is a good little runner. He never complained about going to practices or games, so I think he really enjoys it. He isn't one to choose to play the game in his free time though. We had a great coach. Brad Fales and his wife Kim have 3 boys that are exactly the same age as our oldest 3. They all seem to like each other and play well together, so we hope to hang out sometime! Levi was so excited to get another trophy! Great job, buddy!
Speedy Gonzalez!
Corner kick-what form!

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