Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kindergarten Valentine Program

Levi's class had the cutest singing program. Mrs. Manassero is so talented in this area. Levi had a line and it was, "but sometimes the best gifts cannot be bought at a store." Then they all sang a song about hugs and kisses as gifts. So sweet, my friend, Leatrice, and I got teary. I love to hear children singing. And you should have seen Levi doing the hand motions. He got way into it, it was so adorable!




Brandy said...

Love all the updates. Just checkin in with you cute people!

GRodenberg said...

wow- impressive program, teacher, school, and esp the adorable little boy in the front row! I am teary eyed all the way in IL just looking at your blog! I wish Levi and Landon could be buddies!