Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the princess

she's got some lungs. so sad.

her precious little ear,

the little swirl of her hair,

and her tiny little feet.

babies are so sweet. i love alexus so much! we all do. the boys are always wanting to hold her. seth will carry her from her room to me, holding her under her arms. it is pretty funny. he tells everyone, "i call her pwincess."
i love this shot of her and jonathan. it was not posed, this is how he holds her. he really does love her even though he always tells people that she cries all the time.


Emily said...

Your boys are so sweet. I wish we got to seem them with her. She is such a doll. They all are!

ward family said...

I love the shot of Jonathon and Alexis. So sweet!