Friday, March 19, 2010

sunday hike in fullerton

Fullerton is such a great city. There are some amazing trails and parks here-some hidden treasures that we just now found after living here for 12 years. We had a fun hike on Sunday after church and enjoyed some family time and a little nature. We ran into a few other families from church too. It was so fun! A great way to get out some boy energy!

Someone made this awesome bench out of a log. A great place to take a rest!



Tiffani said...

Nature pictures are the best. you gotta love sundays.

heather said...

you look so pretty.

ruth said...

Wow, you are inspired. I had the WORST day, filled with useless doctors. Then I come home to your kind words and adorable gift. Thank you SO much for cheering up my day. I can not wait to put her in her pink tutu. Are you as in love with girlie pink things as I am? I think it's having all the boy stuff for so long it made me WAY into anything girlie. ANyways thank you so much for thinking of me today!