Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yah! Seth is 5!

Seth turned 5 on May 16th. He starts Kindergarten in the fall. How did that happen? He is growing up so fast. We love this boy. He is so smart and sweet!

Here is the big boy! He was so excited to have a birthday! We had a little family party with Brock, Aaron, Cameron, and Kyle. We ate cake and ice cream and Seth got to open cards and presents.

He told me he wanted a srawberry cake with rainbow frosting. I talked him into rainbow sprinkles. He helped me design it.

Opening presents with the brothers.

Seth told Jonathan he didn't want to open his presents until everything was ready.
Jonathan:when is it ready?
Seth:when the streamers are up.
me:better go find the streamers!

We also had a friend party at the park. It was so fun to hang out, eat treats, and we even flew a kite!
Happy Birthday, Sethie!

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Julia Warren said...

Happy Birthday Seth! Love that kid and that cute rainbow cake. Great art direction, buddy.