Tuesday, July 13, 2010

before and after

This little rocker belonged to Lance's grandma and we were the lucky recipients of it. It is a few years old(try 40+) and has been needing a makover so I have been looking all over for an upholsterer that was affordable. I found one and would highly recommend them-CR Custom Upholstery in Orange for any locals-info below. Most places were quoting $400+ for labor alone. CR did it for $240 for labor and I had to get my own fabric which I found online for a swingin' deal too.
ta dah! It is super comfy too cuz they put in new foam. I love it!
CR Custom Upholstery
2691 Orange Olive Rd.
Orange, CA

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Julia Warren said...

Very nice before and after! Although I couldn't see the stain in the before like you said. Now take pics of your new furniture (or better yet--I'll come see it in person).