Sunday, January 23, 2011

weeeee are the champions, my friend

oh my gosh! winning isn't everything, but it is totally awesome!
jonathan played for the fullerton rangers this past soccer season. his team was called the chargers and it was loaded with a bunch of good little players. we had the best year with the team. the players were great, the coaches were excellent and the parents were a blast to be around.
the chargers won the league championship.
unfortuantely the championship game was on a sunday and jonathan was not able to play in that game because we just don't do sports on sunday-it's the sabbath, ya know.
but because jonathan had such an excellent season, he was chosen to play on the all star team.
he was so happy because that extended the soccer season a few more weeks and he was playing with an awesome team.
we never suspected that we would go all the way.
last weekend we played two teams. we tied orange 1-1 and beat laguna niguel 3-1. it was a sweet victory because that team was amazing! we also won another game because of a forfeit.
because of our wins, we moved to the semi-finals yesterday against whittier. we won them 2-0.
so that meant we made it to the championship game against la mirada!
that was exciting enough!
but then we actually won!
the score was 2-1 and when that final whistle blew when time was up, we all just jumped around a screamed like a bunch of crazy people! it was incredible! we just couldn't believe that we actually won!
go fullerton rangers! you rock!

a little pep talk before the game against whittier.
some sweet moves by number 10, that cool kid jonathan sanders.
walking out on the field before the championship game.
fullerton rangers and la mirada all stars.
pre game huddle-go rangers!
good sports
receiving the championship medal.
the team-just a bunch of ordinary kids that can seriously play soccer!
the most awesome coaches too! love this team!


Erin said...

Yes, I agree winning is awesome! Congrats! The season sounded exciting, and I didn't know Jonathon was such a great soccer player, cool! Good job!

Brandi said...

That is seriously great! What a good looking soccer team! Great work!

Heather said...

Looks like lots of fun to be had by all! Cool, that Jonathon's team won. Seriously miss you guys in Fullerton!

Angie & Neal said...

Way to go Jonathan! That's awesome! :)