Friday, June 24, 2011

summer fun in the desert

we just returned from a trip to the valley. the imperial valley that is. (brawley/el centro, ca) we had so much fun hangin' out with the family. grandma treated us to a yummy breakfast each morning and the boys watched a movie every night. we were definitely in vacation mode. it was a blast! here is the proof!

jessica's birthday party was fun. we swam all day at the dickerson's. alexus is smothered in love. all the girls love babies and she is one of the youngest in the bunch now.
price would not take off his floatie.
but seth took his off and was swimming like a pro in just a few minutes. the kids gave him a couple of tips and at the end of the party he was going down the slide backwards. he is pool safe now! yah seth! here he is sliding with the birthday girl!

 levi taking a break from the pool. so handsome.
 slater and seth climbing the rocks.
 grandpa got strawberry pie for father's day and lucky for us, there were some leftovers. seriously, lance's mom makes the most delicious strawberry pie. see how happy my kids are eating it!
 she looks cute alright, but she is like one of those dogs that growls when you get near her while she's eating. do not try to touch the fork or she will totally flip!
 seth chose red.
get every last bit!

jessica and naked as a jaybird, alexus.
this cat was hanging around the house all week. anyone want a cat.
 it's free and lance's mom and dad don't want it. really. 
binky girl! 
this is the cutest girl in the cutest bathing suit in the cutest shot ever!
great grandma's 85th birthday. we gathered at her home to sing her happy birthday! this is one awesome lady! she is the nicest person you will ever meet. whoops, her eyes are closed and this was the best shot with everyone, darn it. mom made grandma a no sugar added banana creme pie(she is diabetic) and it was so good. when my kids went to throw their plates away, i made sure they were scraped clean before they went in the trash can.  
she made a wish before she blew out the candles. so sweet!
lovin' that pie!

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GRodenberg said...

Your family is the CUTEST! Love and miss you!