Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ba Co

My Grandma, Pham Thi Duoc, visited our home the other day. She will be in California for a month or so. She recently moved from VietNam to Singapore to live with my aunt because my grandma needs help taking care of herself as she is getting older. There really wasn't any family in VietNam that could assist. She is eighty-some years old, but still scoots around ok. I never really knew her all that well because there is a language barrier between us(her Vietnamese and my English) and she has lived in VietNam for most of my life, but she is one tough lady. I don't think she is even 5 feet tall, but man, when she talks, you listen and obey! Her 8 children all respect her very much, as is expected in their culture. She thinks my kids are pretty cute. She likes it when they call her Ba Co, which means great grandma in Vietnamese. A Vietnamese kiss is more like a sniff, so she kisses them a lot with her little flat nose. My mom also has a strength about her. I hope I gain that quality from these ladies of my heritage, and that I can pass it on to my children. Do you think that the boys look Vietnamese?


Sara Warren said...

No, your kids do not look Vietnamese. I didn't even know you were Vietnamese. Your blog is so informative! :o)

Delise said...

What a wonderful tribute you are these strong women in your life...what a neat visit from your Ba Co and a darling picture!!

heather said...

look how young she looks! Lucky you to have the great skin genes. I will just have to hate you when I am old and wrinkly and you still have beautiful skin. It may only be a few more years now. ha