Thursday, June 14, 2007

Levi, the little buddy

Levi had his last day of school yesterday and his class celebrated with a big party. He is in a preschool program at our elementary school called an "Integrated Preschool". It combines special education students that have mild disabilities with children that have no disabilities in one classroom. The children without disabilities are called "peer buddies" and they are supposed to model proper language and social skills to the special needs children. So Levi gets to be one of the peer buddies because he is such a model child. Ha! Actually, Levi is so perfect for this program because he is so mild mannered and easy to get along with. He is such a little sweetie pie and we all love to be around him.

Look at that smile! Who could resist that?
Here he is getting an award from his teacher Miss Kellie. Another peer buddy, Victoria is there in the pink. Levi really likes Victoria and often asks if she can come to our home to play. Levi also loves Mason and Jake, but has been a good friend to all in the class. He attends class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Levi learned lots of things that will help him out when he goes to Kindergarten in the fall of 2008. He will be returning to the preschool in the fall for one more year. Miss Kellie has four aides that help her a lot. They are Miss Margie, Miss Jan, Miss Theresa, and Miss Betsy. They all love Levi and his sweet personality. They love all of the children and are very good and patient with them.
Here are the graduates from the class that are moving on to other programs or mainstream classes. Jake is the one in the green shirt.
And here is Levi with Mason & Grace.
We look forward to the fall when we can go back to school and meet new friends.

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Adam and Stacy said...

Adam just loves Levi. Even though he likes to kick and hit him. He still loves him. hahaha.. Levi is such a sweetheart!