Saturday, June 30, 2007

A fun day at Mission Beach

We met up with our cousins at the beach in San Diego. Mission Beach is so beautiful and probably our favorite beach. It was a beautiful, clear day, but a little windy and cold if you were in the shade too long. Here are some photos!

The kids were checking out a clam that Dallin dug up.

Here is the clam. It was really big!

Great Grandma with Price

Aunt Mara with baby Ellie and Uncle Tad.

Seth and Jessica.

Janelle and Darci.

Jonathan, Levi, and Dallin making a wall/jacuzzi.

Andra, Lauren, and Laci.

Thom digging in the sand.

Price and Aunt Bonnie Jean.

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Sara Warren said...

What a fun family day!