Saturday, June 30, 2007


Jonathan finally lost his top front tooth! It has been loose for 6 months and Lance and I have been bugging him for that long to pull the darn thing. But here is the whole story. Way back in January, the tooth was a little loose and then Jonathan told me that there was a pain in his mouth. When I looked inside, I could see that the permanent tooth was already growing in! The way it was situated, the new tooth was wedging the baby tooth so it didn't really feel loose anymore. But it was being moved and poking out and really looked like a snaggletooth. In April we went to the dentist and he said that if Jonathan really worked his teeth, they would come out in no time. (There were actually 2 teeth being moved by this permanent tooth.) So that night I loosened the side tooth, but it started to bleed and the tearing scared Jonathan. He lost that tooth within the next two days because Seth bumped him in the mouth. But because he was nervous about the pain, he never really did anything to work the front tooth and would hardly let me touch it. Anyway, I was so tired of nagging him about it that I gave him an ultimatum. On Sunday, I told him he had to have that tooth out by Friday, or I was going to do whatever was necessary to pull it out. Every day, I bugged him and told him to wiggle it good, but Friday came and I was actually going to have to pull it out. Jonathan looked nervous, so I asked him if he wanted to say a prayer to ask Heavenly Father to bless him that he wouldn't be scared and that it wouldn't hurt too badly. He did and then we tied some dental floss around the tooth. Thank heaven for Lance, because I really didn't want to pull it. Lance yanked on the floss and nothing. The floss came off. Lance tied it on again and pulled and the tooth mostly came out. Then he got a rag and pulled the whole thing out. Jonathan said it really didn't hurt at all and was so excited to have it pulled. I told him his prayers were answered! We got to have ice cream to celebrate!(Lance had told Jonathan that he could not have ice cream until the tooth was pulled. Yet another tactic that did not motivate Jonathan to pull the tooth himself.)
Jonathan got a dollar coin from the tooth fairy.


Sara Warren said...

Oh wow! When you got to the rag and pulling it out technique I flashed back to being 7 and sitting in our bathroom while my Dad did that same maneuver. Boy was I scared. What a courageous boy Jonathan is!

Adam and Stacy said...

About time!! hahahaha.. Thats a cute story. Im glad he got that over with. Hopefully the next one wont be the same way!

GRodenberg said...

too cute! we just went thru the same process with Dallen! His permanent was already there and his baby was swinging from one side and he wouldn't pull it! Gloria