Friday, August 3, 2007

7 month old-stands in crib

Price is now 7 months old. His latest trick is pulling himself up and standing. I really wish he would slow down this growing process, but I guess he can't be stopped.


Hull Family said...

Hi Leslie,
I saw your blog from Summer's. I can't believe you have FOUR boys! When we left Fullerton you had just had Levi. All of your boys are just as cute as can be. You are such a darling mom. Are you still in Acacia park Ward?

Diane said...

Your little guy is so darn cute! I'll bet people stop you on the street and ask if they can squeeze his legs! There's a guy in our ward that said when his kids had those rolls on their legs he would play hide the Cheerios in church to keep them entertained. Four!

Weston & Jennie said...

leslie, I hate to break it to you, but you are in for a treat. AT least I was when Macey pulled herself to standing at 6 mths. She started walking at 9-9 1/2 mths. I hope that he holds out a little bit longer for you!