Friday, August 3, 2007

Boating on Big Bear Lake

While my sister, Linda, and her family were here visiting from Indiana, they took a little trip up to Big Bear Lake for a couple of days. Lance had been wanting to check out the lake anyway, so we took the boat up and hung out with the Tharps for a few hours on Saturday. It was really pretty, but the sun just wouldn't come out from behind those clouds. Lance got in a little skiing, but the water was so choppy in the afternoon, that it just wasn't much fun. All in all it was a great day. We just enjoyed being on the lake and hanging with out with our family!

Lance and Levi in the cold, green water.

Eric had gotten some weird flu the night before, so he was in the lounging mode. He's feeling much better now!

Seth, me, Max(who did not want his Auntie Les to hold him) and Levi.

Crazy Jonathan, Maddie, & Levi on the boat. Isn't the shoreline pretty with the pine trees?

Linda & Max having a snack.

Maddie and me! It looks like I am having fun, but I am scared out of my wits! I don't want to get thrown off and get water up my nose and lose my shorts! I really hate that!

Price does not like his life jacket. He screams for the first couple of hours on the boat wishing that we would take it off. Lance found a big plastic bin for the kids to sleep in. It fits perfectly behind the passenger seat and the babies won't roll around all over the boat, so with small children, it is a total necessity.

Maddie and her mommy on the tube. Linda actually IS having a good time and so is Maddie. Maddie told me that when I got off, she wanted to stay on for a longer ride.

Little Sethy boy. He has fun no matter where he is.


Lindsay said...

You and your sister look SO much alike!!! Sounds like you guys have a great time every time you go out on the boat! And poor Price, stuck in that life jacket!

Diane said...

Hey Sanders family...I stumbled across your blog today after seeing your name link on Jennie's blog. I knew it had to be you!!! Looks like you had a fun trip. You look pretty brave out there in the water! We miss you guys! Remember you have friends here in Nashville. If you don't mind, I'll take a peek from time to time at your blog to see what's going on with you! I guess I'm proof that you never know who's looking. Except if I do, I usually make a comment. Small world!

Sara Warren said...

I haven't been on a tube since I was 10, but I remember it being SO much fun! Lucky you!

km said...

It looks like you're having a lot of fun with the boat this summer. It's so wonderful to be surrounded by family. And little Price...growing so quickly. Watching that makes you want another.

GRodenberg said...

So fun! we love to go boating here too- landon used to scream, but this year he is the tube having fun-yay! we got the big kids up skiing this year, although they prefer to tube. I still...with my old legs wobbling...get up on 1 and relive my glory days. haha!