Wednesday, August 1, 2007


This past Sunday, July 29th, we threw my mom a surprise 60th birthday party! I don't think she was totally surprised about the party because my grandma, who did not understand that it was a surprise, had let the cat out of the bag. She actually showed my mom the invitation!(I don't think it is customary to have surprise birthday parties in VietNam.) But she was surprised about who showed up to the party. We told her that we were going out to dinner as a family to a BBQ restaurant called Lucille's and we told her we'd meet at our house before we went. So that was how we got her to the house. And here are some photos of the fun!


Friends-Ray, Danielle, and Sandy.

Neighbors-Jonathan, Maria, and Grandma.

Cousins-Leslie, Courtney, Chrissy, Lou, Michael, and Linda.

With the grandkids-
top-Levi, Seth, Mom, Palmer, Max
bottom-Abby, Jonathan, Price, Jack, Maddie

Daughters-Leslie, Linda, Grandma, Mom, Courtney, Lou

Courtney, Grandma, Mom, Ira

Neighbors-Emilia and Manny

Chrissy & Raphael.

Friends-Kimberly, mom, Price, grandma, Catherine.

Eric and Linda.
Lance was at the grill making the most awesome rib eye steaks, so somehow we missed getting a shot of him! Sorry, babe!
We had an enjoyable evening and hope that my mom had fun and knows how much we love her.


Trenda Poulter said...

Wow! I definitely see the resemblence between yo and your sisters . . . you are all beautiful! Looks like a lot of fun!

Sara Warren said...

What a beautiful famil you have, Leslie! Looks like it was a nice evening!

The Mays said...

What fun to have all the girls together! I'm sure Linda and Lou had a blast being in California with all of you! Happy Birthday to your mom! I have great memories of her and her awesome cooking when you lived in Farmland! She made totally yummy noodles!

heather said...

Your mom looks so great!! Tell her happy birthday(late) for me! She looks so happy with all of her sweet grandchildren. Yours are the only ones that look even remotely vietnamese. How fun to be together with your sisters. You all have the same beautiful smile. i miss your family.