Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Levi is a soccer player!

Levi is finally old enough to play soccer with the Fullerton Rangers. Yah! He is so cute out there on the field running around kicking the ball. He is a pretty athletic little guy and we are gonna have so much fun watching him this year.

Kick it, Levi!

Soccer is serious business.

Go Team! I don't know what the team name is yet, but Levi wanted it to be the Red Waves. Unfortunately the team color is blue and the other members didn't go for Levi's choice. Maybe next year. He'll have fun whatever they're called.

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Adam and Stacy said...

YEA!! A soccer player! We will have to come watch sometime. I love watching when they are little. Its so funny! We havent seen you guys in awhile! Hope you guys are doing good!