Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lake Powell Trip

Our summer vacation was a trip to Lake Powell with many of the Sanders family. There were 28 of us on 3 houseboats. We left at midnight on Friday, 8/10 and got to Wahweap Marina outside of Page, AZ on Saturday morning. It's tough to drive at night and stay awake, but it is so much better than driving through the desert in the heat of the day! It's also nice that the kids are asleep. Definitely the way for us to go. We had a fun time with all of the cousins. It is such a beautiful place to be. The photos do not do this place justice, but I am including some for memory's sake.

Jonathan on the rock up from our campsite. We went for a hike one day so Lance could take some photos of the landscape.

Here is Levi on the zipline. Lance tied a rope from Heather and Daryl's boat to Mom and Dad's boat and let the kids slide down it into the water. They had a blast!

Seth looks so great in this shot. He often has this look on his face. When he is not whining about something, he has this cute little grin that melts our hearts.

Here are all 18 cousins that were at the lake. There were only 10 adults. We were totally outnumbered.
l to r-Story, Slater, Seth, Jessica, Isaac, Savannah, Andra, Kas, Levi, Luke, Dallin, Jonathan, Jackson, Jim, Gavin, Darci, Laci, Price. Now that is a lot of kids!
This photo was taken right before a big thunderstorm hit. The wind was blowing so hard that one of the anchor ropes on Grandpa's houseboat broke and the boat blew sideways. Grandpa started up the engine to get the boat back in proper position, and one of the propellers got another anchor rope wrapped around it. Lance, with his goggles on, got under the boat to get the rope out of the propeller and all of the guys dug deeper anchor holes to really keep us secured. It was quite an adventure.
Our little fishermen. Jonathan caught a catfish with a hot dog. Levi caught a bluegill with a fishing pole that Grandpa made for him.
Here is Cookie Jar Butte. We camped near here in Padre Bay.
A shot of the landscape.
Here is our campsite. It was a nice spot, tucked away in a little cove in Padre Bay.
Thanks everyone! We had a great time! See you next year!

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The Christiansens said...

I am so jealous! Lake powell is one of my absolute favorite places. Jon and I went there right b/f we left to go to school in cali. Oh how I miss it! A boat is in the ten year plan for us. Jon doesn't know it yet though! Wish me luck ;)