Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kite Flying

When our Indiana cousins were here, we spent a day at Newport Beach. It was a nice day and the wind was perfect for a kite. Here are my sister, Linda, Jonathan, and Seth flying one. This kite was given to me when I was a little girl by a man from my hometown of Farmland, Indiana. His name was Ansel Toney. His hobbie was to make kites and he made some really cool ones. He even gave one to Amy Carter (daughter of Jimmy Carter, the U.S. president in the 70's) while she was living in the white house. My dad gave Ansel some wood to use for the kites, so as a payback, Ansel gave my sisters and me three of his kites. I have all three kites and my boys use them every now and again. They are so fun on a windy day. They are over 20 years old, but they work just fine and seem like new. Linda and Lou, if you want you kites back, let me know!

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The Christiansens said...

How fun is that! It is so fun to see the look on your kids' faces when they actually get the kite up. Thats awesome!