Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It took Levi a little while to get serious about this photo shoot, but these pictures of him are so funny. He is such a little goofball. I love Levi's stories. He tells the funniest stories and he is very descriptive. But you can only understand his stories if you watch the movies or tv shows he has seen, because he is constantly telling me about something he has seen or heard on tv. He has also been using the word "actually" a lot. When we are at the store, people often comment on the 3 boys that I have with me, so Levi pipes up to say, "Actually, I'm not the oldest. My big brother is at school and he's 7." It is very cute. Levi totally loves Jonathan and wants to be around him even if it means he will get a beating. I am always telling them that they are gonna be best buddies forever so they better take good care of each other. They have lots of fun together despite the fighting. Levi is such a good looking little bugger.

These last two shots were worth waiting for.

Such a sweet boy.


Delise said...

Love the Ninja Turtle, arms in an "X" shot...and of course the crossed eyes...I'm a goofball at heart too! Such darling boys Les!

Jamie said...

I get the same comment wherever I go too. But, it's usually "four boys huh, are you going to try for a girl? You sure have your hands full." I'm sure you get the same thing. Your boys are as handsome as can be. They are growing up too fast!