Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Day

This year our family started a new tradition that we call "Spring Day". I'm stealing the idea from an article I read in the Ensign about making Easter about the Savior and using another day for the egg hunts and candy and bunnies. The kids were excited about "Spring Day" because it was the Saturday before Easter and they didn't have to wait until Easter. Jonathan actually woke up at 2am and started turning on the lights to wake up all of the other kids, but I got up to stop him from causing too much damage and he went right back to bed a little disappointed that he had to wait a few more hours. (It was a bit funny.) When they got up in the morning, Jonathan woke up Levi and those two found all of the eggs that were hidden around the living room. They had to rehide a few so Seth could get in on the fun. Seth's face was so happy as he spotted an egg here and there and filled up his basket. Price found one egg and plopped onto the floor as he ate the candy that was inside. He loved the candy, but would spit it out when he got to the chocolate center. I kept finding sucked on chocolates on the floor. Later in the day, our dear friends, the Dugans, had an Easter party, so the kids got loaded up on candy and fun.

The kids after they found all of the loot. They had eaten most of the candy before the day was through.

This was seriously Price's expression when he had an egg in his hand. He was so eggcited! ha!

Sethie's basket is much smaller than the big boys, but he still had so much fun looking for the eggs.

Levi found lots of eggs to put in his basket.

Jonathan, not to be outdone by anyone, found the most eggs and took the biggest basket. He truly had a good time.


Carrie Anne said...

Leslie! You crack me up! I keep forgetting to tell you about furna!:) First of all, though, love the Spring Day idea...we'll have to do that next year.
Anyway, I did a furna post back in October I think so if you want an all out furna definition...look in the archive. Basically, furna is anything, everything and nothing...it's just a word to say when you don't know what else to say...furna! Gina, my best friend, made it up with Sarah Hull when they were in college. So funny! Anyway, hopefully that helps and you don't feel so out of the loop.:) Wish we were in CA!

GRodenberg said...

they are so dang cute!

heather said...

that was me that said the above comment. Gloria is here and apparently logged on my computer. smile.

emilysteinhafel said...

You guys are SO cute! I love the new tradition! Great idea!

Courtney said...

Leslie, I just love you guys and those boys are too cute!! Great idea!

JaNae said...

Your boys are growing up so fast! Wasn't it just yesterday we were on the track at 5:30 in the morning pregnant with our first boys?