Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Fences Make Good Workers

The fence between us and the neighbor to the north of us has been in bad shape for a long time and Lance finally decided to conquer the project. Of course he enlisted the help of the boys and they actually did some of the work. I think they get paid a dollar an hour and they are so excited to get 5 or 8 dollars at the end of the day, whatever they earn in between the moments they are messing around. They think about all of the Bionicles they can buy at Target with all of their money. Anyway, the fence looks beautiful. It is still a work in progress, but the project is coming to a close.

A demo'ed panel of the fence. Not looking so good.

Jonathan hard at work removing a tree root that is in the way. Look at that swing action!

Levi knows how to use a paint roller. He is a pretty good stainer.

The first panel finished! Ahhh, so much better than that old eyesore of a fence.

Good job, fellas! Thanks for all your hard work!


ward family said...

You guys are always doing such nice things to your house. It's nice Lance has such a good crew of workmen to help him!

Ang said...

What a beautiful panel! And what a group of hardworking boys you have, hubby included. I love all the new posts--especially the forts and the paper cups and the avacado stand. All three items qualify you for some kind of creative/fun-loving mother award.

Carrie Anne said...

I love that Lance can enlist their help so often and they actually do it! I guess the $ is a pretty good incentive if you can go and buy Bionicles! That is so funny!