Monday, April 28, 2008

Rolling Hills Open House

Our school had an open house and the kids had done lots of fun projects to have on display in the classroom. We got to visit Jonathan and Levi's classrooms and even got a photo with Jonathan's teacher, Mrs. Wolf. She is a really wonderful teacher. Very patient and loving but is able to get across a lesson that the kids will retain. Jonathan loves her. We didn't get a photo of Levi's teacher as she was not available, but we still had fun looking at all of Levi's work. His teachers have been so impressed by the way he has really improved many of his skills recently. They said it was like all of a sudden a light went on and Levi is showing a greater understanding of the things they are learning in class. He is getting to be really good at coloring too! I knew that is what would happen. I knew he was not ready for kindergarten last fall, but I had a feeling that by March, it would all come together and it really has. Yah for Levi! Yah for all of us because our kids can get free education!

Jonathan and Mrs. Wolf.

Levi, Jonathan, and Daddy at Jonathan's desk.


ward family said...

First of all, don't click on what guhn friend in Texas has the same thing posted in the comment section of her blog. It looks like trouble to me.
Second, it's nice to see what your kids are learning...I'm looking forward to it when Miles starts Kindergarten this fall!

Carrie Anne said...

Can they really be so old and in school? Oh man! Jonathan is SO OLD! I know I say that every time, but holy cow! I'm glad you have such a great school and love it.