Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Break

We didn't have a big trip planned for Spring Break. We just hung out and had fun with a few friends locally. It was the best Spring Break! We loved it. Here are some of the highlights:

We built a fort and slept in in almost every night. The boys didn't even argue when it was time to go to bed. They looked forward to it! I caught Jonathan reading to Levi and Seth and had a to take a photo! It was so sweet! The only problem with the darn fort was that Seth kept wrecking it and I had to keep rebuilding it.

We had a play date with our good friends, the Jeromes. Jackson Jerome is in Levi's class at school and they are good buddies so we got invited over to their home. Never mind the fact that I love to hang out with Jackson's mom, Beth. Well, I didn't actually get photos of the boys playing together, but while we were at the Jeromes, my boys took the liberty of picking baskets full of avocados from the tree in their back yard without asking for permission. (that was embarrassing) Beth is so generous, she gave us all of the avocados and suggested that we have an avocado stand to sell them. The boys thought that was a wonderful idea and couldn't wait until we could do it. So Jonathan made a sign and we sold them for 25 cents each. They were gone in an hour or so. We had been collecting $ for a ward service project so the boys thought it was ok to put the avocado earnings towards the project for someone who could really use the $. They have good hearts. Thanks for the avocados, Beth!

A couple of days were spent hanging out with the Smith's. One day they came over to play at our house. We also went to the track at Fullerton College so Lisa and I could exercise and the kids played in the sandbox or whatever else they found to be interesting. The Smith's are also very generous friends and they brought a wagonful of toys to play with. When Lisa and I were finished with our workout, the kids did not want to leave, they were having so much fun together. A trip to Ikea was also an activity that we enjoyed together. Jonathan, Madeleine, Levi, and Nathan got to go to the kid's play area while, Lisa, Seth, Price, and I shopped. It is very fun to go there with friends!

Friday was warm, so we pulled out the pool to end our Spring Break on a wet note.

Sometimes, it is fun to just hang around and do stuff that you want to do but don't get to. I had a good time with the kids and we really liked sleeping in, so we were bummed that school started again on Monday.


Adam and Stacy said...

What a fun spring break! Your kids are so cute!

ward family said...

It looks like you had a great spring break. It was amazing to see a picture of Madeleine...she's grown up so much! Say hi to the Smiths for us. We miss you all!

emilysteinhafel said...

Oh my goodness! You guys have so much fun at your house! I want to play!

Brandy and Brian said...

I can't even believe how big your boys are! Where or where does the time go???? The fence looks great and I am glad you had a fun and relaxing spring break. Please tell Lisa I said hello!

Carrie Anne said...

That's probably going to be their most memorable and most fun Spring Break they'll remember. You are such a cool mom! The fort idea is priceless, isn't it? I can't believe how big Madeline and Nathan are! Wow! I miss them! When is she going to start a blog?:) I love that they sold avocados...what a great idea!

Rebecca said...

So Leslie,
You know you are always invited to everything I do, but I knew you didn't have a pass,(unless you got one recently and I didn't know)and we only went for a couple hours. I am sorry. We have to hang out and go to the pool one of these days. I know you are way busy though. Looks like you don't even need Disneyland with all your fun adventures.

JaNae said...

I can't believe your exercising with someone else at the track?!!!! I thought I was the only one!!!

Reading your blog makes me miss you and your family. What a great life you have. You are a terrific MOM, aside from the fact that you've cheated on me.

Becky Mutter said...

You're so awesome! You're so great at entertaining - adults and kids, alike! I'm glad you guys get to have so much fun. I wish I were more outgoing and did stuff with people. I'm a dud.

Beth Jerome said...

We are so happy that you could run an avocado stand and raise money for needy families. Wow! What a wonderful use of your time and money!!!
We loved having you over to our house that day, playing in the treehouse, riding bikes, eating lunch,picking avocados... and just learning more about eachother. I really enjoy talking with you Leslie. What a gracious and humble woman you are!
Love you blog. Thank you for sending it my way.