Thursday, June 5, 2008

Awesome Moms

I got so lucky when I married Lance. Not only did I get one great husband, I got many wonderful in-laws. My mother in law has always been so generous and kind and my sisters in law have been great examples to me. They are all willing to listen to me complain and offer advice and solutions to problems that I face in parenting or marriage. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful, righteous women that are striving for the same things I am. Here are a couple of photos from Mother's Day at Heather's home.
Mom-Sue Sanders, Me-Leslie Sanders, Stephanie Slater Sanders, Heather Sanders Dickerson, [Donna, Cathy,& Shelly Dickerson]-these three are actually Heather's in laws, but they are wonderful too, so I'll claim them as well.
Me, Stephanie, Heather, Mom

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