Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fathers and Sons Campout

On May 16th, Lance took Jonathan, Levi, and Seth to our Stake Fathers and Sons campout at a boy scout campground near here. They had pizza for dinner on Friday night and Lance made a french toast, bacon, scrambled egg, oj, milk breakfast in the morning for the boys from our ward. They had a great time!

Here are the sons, but where is the father? Taking the photo of course!

Alex and Jarrod in the Dugan condo tent.

Jarrod, Jonathan, and Brandon-they are all in the same class at school.

Shawn and Nathan Smith, our neighbors and friends.

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ward family said...

What a fun weekend for the boys! (And it's fun to see pictures of Sean and Nathan!) So, what did you do while they were away? Did you have the house to yourself, or was Price home with you? I hope you enjoyed it!