Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sethie!

Seth turned three on May 16th! He walks around and shows people three fingers all of the time. When they ask how he is, he shows them 3 fingers to show them how old he is, misunderstanding their inquiry. He is such a funny little guy. Lance and I laugh at him all of the time! He is so smart and very coordinated. His speech is improving with regular speech therapy. His vocabulary is growing. The other day he said puhpuh(purple) and emmet(helmet). We were so proud of him! My friend, Ranna, made his birthday cake. It is the most delicious, moist, banana cake. YUM! At his birthday party on Sunday, when I went to put candles on the cake, I realized that I didn't have any, so we used tea lights instead and he didn't know any different. Happy Birthday, little man!
This boy loves Geo Trax trains, so he got a remote control fire engine and plays with it all of the time!
I let him eat Doritos for lunch on his actual birthday. I am a sucker for letting my kids have their way on that one special day out of the year!


Ang said...

You only let your kids have Doritos on their birthdays?? Sigh . . . Yet more evidence of what a slacker mom I truly am. Man, he's a cute kid, though.

Leslie said...

I actually let them have Doritos at parties if they want them, but on his birthday, he had ONLY Doritos for lunch.