Friday, July 11, 2008

Dancing colors

Jonathan has been wanting me to do a science experiment at home since school got out for the summer. I have been putting him off every day because there is always something that I need to get done and I just don't need anymore messes to clean up. But today was the day that I needed to put him off no more. We had seen this trick done at the science center last year and I knew that the boys would love it again. So we poured milk in a pie plate, put a few drops of food color in, and finally put in a drop or two of dish soap. Then all you do is watch the colors dance. It is quite spectacular. They loved it so we did it two more times. Jonathan says he thinks it has to do with the properties of the dish soap chasing the fat molecules in the milk and the way it moves, stirs up all of the colors.

First attempt after a few seconds.

First attempt after a couple of minutes.

Second attempt.

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Jenna said...

Fun science experiment!!! Matthew gets way into that sort of thing...we'll have to try it one of these days...good idea!