Friday, July 11, 2008

What's not to love?

Wouldn't your heart melt if this showed up at your front doorstep? This boy is so sweet, he makes me smile. The boys were out working with Lance doing some landscaping and I guess Jonathan told Seth to bring these flowers to me. Seth was knocking on the door, yelling, "Mom!" really loud. And the bad mommy that I am, I was getting irritated that I had to go open the door to let him in. I thought he just couldn't get the door opened. So when I answered the door and this is what I saw, I felt a little bit guilty. I took the flowers and told him thank you and gave him a kiss and put them in a little vase. He was so thrilled! Thanks for being such a sweet boy, Sethie!
Seth has been in speech therapy for a few months now and is talking a little more. His vocabulary is up to probably 40 words now, and he is using more two word phrases. He is still not talking like other 3 year olds that we know, but he is improving. We had his hearing tested this week at the hospital, and the audiologist said he hears just fine. I had done my own hearing tests with him and never suspected that hearing was his problem, but the therapists kept saying that there could still be something wrong in that area. I am glad that his ears and parts are fine. Now to work on increasing the vocabulary and the spontaneous use of words as a form of communication instead of the crying and pointing and whining. I could do without that, but I am so grateful for this little boy in our family. He makes us all laugh.


Dashley said...

What a sweet boy!

Darice said...


Hey I found your blog on Brock's. I didn't even know she had moved. I love your blog and your little boys are so stinkin cute. My husband will ask anyone that will listen how they do it (get boys that is).. He wants a little boy so bad. So fun that I found you, now we can chat. Talk to you later.