Friday, November 7, 2008

Jonathan's 8th Birthday Party

Jonathan turned 8 years old on 08/08/08. Now that is pretty cool if you ask me. We were at Lake Powell on the actual date, so we just made a little deal out of it and we hadn't even gotten him a present at that point. Grandma and Grandpa Sanders gave him a really great tackle box with lots of compartments and a see through lid. It is so perfect for his rock collection. Here he is at Lake Powell with some brownies on a plate in the shape of an 8. It was all I could do to make it special. Oh yeah, and we had bags and bags of candy that the cousins all shared. We had fun!

So after vacation, we asked Jonathan if he wanted a friend party. Of course he did! So what did he want for decorations? Streamers!

He also got to choose from the cakes at Costco. Chocolate! Yes, it's the best! Make a wish Jonathan! He is serious about the wish thing. He really thinks about it and wants to blow out all of the candles to ensure that it will come true!

Seth and Levi enjoying the cake. I think Levi has had a little too much sugar!

Here is a shot of the dudes. Anthony, Kevin, Alex, Jonathan, Brandon, Austin, Spencer. They had a great time. We played pin the tail on the donkey, happy puppy(you put a few marshmallows in your mouth and try to say it clearly and they were all disqualified on the first round), and they all did the zipline and jumped on the trampoline and stuff. Spencer was having sharing issues, but other than that, I think they all had a great time together. We also did a treasure hunt to find the goody bags. Pizza for dinner and Jonathan got some fun boy gifts from his friends. We got him two books-Monsterology and Dragonology-which are very cool with little pockets and tidbits.
We love this kid and are so grateful to have him in our family. He is a good big brother and is really growing into a good little boy. He has a fun spirit and he is very smart. He is growing in the gospel and understands lots of principles that you might think an 8 year old wouldn't get, but he does. HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY, JONATHAN!

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Marathon Mama said...

Jonathan is growing to be a man of God! He is a good, good boy and it is so wonderful to read about his birthday knowing that he had such fun with family and friends! Warms my heart!