Friday, November 7, 2008

BUHS Class of 1988 20 Year Reunion

We went to Lance's high school reunion on 10/26/08 and had the best time. It was held at the Stockman's Club in Brawley so you know we had a delicious dinner-Tri-tip, cheesy potatoes, salad, rolls. Delicious! But of course, that wasn't the best part of the evening. We got to see so many dear friends that we have not seen for years and catch up a little on our lives. Ray and Amy Hannon(who we actually do try to visit when we are down in Brawley), Erik and Rosie Chilcott(it was the first time we met Erik's wife), Steve and Ann Benson, Camille and Jimmy Nuckles, Patty Wilson(her husband Ben was off visiting with someone else while Patty ran the party), and a few more. We exchanged email addresses and so we are now more likely to stay in touch. The highlight of my evening was meeting Kristin and Kevin Beach. They came all the way from Kansas! Kristin was one of Lance's dearest friends in high school. We have been exchanging Christmas cards for 10 years now but have never had the chance to meet. I was hoping and hoping that she would be at the reunion and when I found out she was coming, I couldn't contain myself! It was so great to give this girl a hug and talk to her like we were old friends too. She is so beautiful, inside and out, and I am grateful to count her as my friend. And her husband Kevin is just as wonderful. It was so fun to see Dresden and David too. We had lost track of them and now that they are in Indio, hopefully we can hook up with them more often. Apparently, no one knew where Dresden was, so she only found out about the reunion 3 or 4 days before the event. Kristin happened to call her to see if they could hook up and it was the first time that Dresden had even heard of it! I am so glad they were found! So anyway, the evening was mostly us just visiting with friends and eating good food. After the DJ started playing the dance tunes we had to move ourselves outside, so that we could hear ourselves talk. Here are some shots of the gang.

photo 1-Lance, Kristin, Erik, Dresden Photo 2-Lance, Kristin, Dresden, Steve, Kevin

Photo 1-Lance, Ray, Kristin, Dresden, Photo 2-Rosie and Erik

Photo 1-Lance, Patty, Kristin, Dresden, Kevin, ?, Steve, Camille, Erik Photo 2-Lance, Kristin, Patty, ?, Camille, Steve, Dresden, Ray, Steve, Erik

Photo 1-Lance, Kristin, Patty, ?, Camille, Steve, Dresden, Ray, Steve, Erik Photo 2-Me(Leslie), Lance, Kevin, Kristin

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