Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mountain Party

Levi turned 6 on November 16th. He is growing so fast. He is very tall and skinny! He is doing great work in Kindergarten and learning lots of new things, especially how to read. We wanted to have a birthday party for him and when I asked him what kind of party he wanted, he said, "a mountain party! I already told you!" I guess I forgot. So anyway, we planned a mountain party to be held at the Rolling Hills Park. Well on Sunday, the air was still bad from the fires in Brea, Yorba Linda, Chino Hills and Diamond Bar, so I called all of the moms to tell them that we were changing the location to our home and that we would stay inside. When I informed Levi of the change in plans, he said, "we are not going to have the party at our house, I am going to pray all day!" He had so much faith that Heavenly Father would clear up the air! Well, of course, it turned out that by the time the party started, the air was just fine and we could have gone to the park, but this mommy was too darn worn out to drag all of the food to the park and call all of the other mommys again to tell them that the original plan was back on! So we just had the mountain party at home and we had a good time. Levi was a little disappointed, but did not shed any tears, so we were happy! He had lots of fun with his buddies and got cake and ice cream and some really fun presents, so what more could a kid ask for? Happy 6th Birthday, Levi! We love you so much!

We made chocolate cupcakes with green icing. They were supposed to look like mountains. We put a bear and a tree on the mountain.(a gummy bear and a pretzel) Levi is very careful at blowing out the candles.

One last blow! Now, let's dig in to the cake!

Playing bear tag------------and jumping on the trampoline!

Jackson is so fun!----Madeleine enjoying a trike ride and some ice cream.

Levi had so much fun opening all of the great gifts. Everyone was so generous. Thank you!
And all of the kids gathered around one of the new toys, an airplane launcher-it was a big hit!
Baylee on the zip line and the skateboard! Levi and BaNgoai-she got him the Kung Fu Panda dvd. When Jonathan saw it he goes, "Mom, we got Kung Fu Panda!" I said to him, "That is Levi's video!" Jonathan likes to stake his claim on Levi's stuff, but will not even let Levi touch his stuff or come into his room without saying a password! AAArrrgggghhhh, big brothers! But Levi loves him so much, he just accepts the abuse. Anyway, this post is supposed to be about Levi. During the party, went on a bear hunt around the yard and found the bear in the cave at the end of the hunt!(it was Jonathan) The kids just played and ate a played and laughed and ran around. It turned out to be a great time! We hope Levi will have fond memories of his 6th birthday!


Holly Anderson said...

Happy Birthday, Levi!!! I cannot believe how much he looks like you!

And the photo of Price asleep . . . well, PRICELESS! :-)

Why do they have to grow? (says the mom whose oldest will be 18 in less than two months ...)

Marathon Mama said...

What a lovely party for Levi. We had such fun. The food was amazing, Thank you!!! Jackson and Joe left with big smiles on their faces...Jackson surely loves Levi!