Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Levi lost his first tooth!

It had been really loose for a few days and Levi had been moving it and trying to pull it out. He even let me tie floss around it one night and try to pull it out, but he got too scared after one pull that really hurt. Anyway, a couple nights later, he came to me asking for the floss again because he just wanted the thing out. I asked him if I could just use a paper towel to get a better grip. He said that would be ok. I put my fingers around his tooth and with just a teeny tug, it was out. Levi didn't even realize it. I had the tooth in my hand and he was saying, "now, mom, just don't make it hurt." To his surprise, I showed him the tooth and he says, "wow, that didn't hurt one bit!" He was so glad because he was around when we had to pull Jonathan's teeth out and that was a major ordeal and Levi did not want that to happen to him. So the Tooth Fairy paid a visit to the Sanders home and left a Sacagewea dollar for Little Levi who now thinks he is big.
I love that smile!
There's the tooth!

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The Reeses said...

Congratulations to Levi! Kaden is really wanting to get one of his two front teeth out. He will be jealous. Unfortunately we had a negligent tooth fairy that came a day late on his first two bottom teeth! Yes, both times!!