Sunday, January 18, 2009

Roscuro the Rat

Meet Roscuro, Jonathan's third grade class's pet rat. He is named after the rat in the book "The Tale of Despereaux" which the students read in class and went on a field trip to see the movie.The kids put their names in a lottery and if the teacher chooses them, they get to bring the little guy home for the weekend. At first I didn't want Jonathan to bring it home, but then I realized how important it was to him. His name was chosen a couple of weeks ago, so Roscuro came to our home for 2 1/2 days. He was actually a cute little bugger. He ate sunflower seeds and carrots. The kids had fun playing with him. The only problem was that every time he came out of his cage, he would pee and poop. Ick. Anyway, we had fun with him for the weekend, but we are still happy that we don't have a full time pet. We have enough poop to clean up around here without adding an animal.





Jenna said...

Ditto on the Poop-O!!! (:

Holly Anderson said...

Oh. My. I cannot tell you how much this skeeves me out. A RAT???

I just. Oh.

Sara Warren said...

Love all the updates! Happy to see the remodeling is happening. Your plans sounded amazing when you told me about them! Good luck!

heather said...

i think I'm going to be sick.