Wednesday, February 11, 2009

wouldn't ya know it?

We dug the trenches for the footings in the new foundation and then a week later it rained. The soil was so full of clay that it stuck to our shoes like glue and it is hard to wash off. So when rain was predicted again, we got smart. ha. Lance covered the whole area with plastic so that we wouldn't have a muddy mess again. Well, it rained so much that Lance had to pump water out of the low spots or the weight would have torn the plastic. And it turns out that water still got in the trenches. But I think it was all worth it because it is not as muddy as it was last time it rained. Of course, they are predicting a lot of rain in the next week or two. We truly do love the rain. We actually pray for it. But when you are trying to build something, it sure is inconvenient. Murphy's Law, right?

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